so… I’m really sorry this blog hasn’t been updated for months on end.

I was actually in the process of moving to France!

And now I’ve done that… So I live in Paris now, which is cool (understatement of the century), and I befriended someone whose aunt is an opera singer here and apparently there IS a lake under L’Opera Garnier.  


Cool. this is probably old news to you but i don’t even care okay? that is awesome.

Anyways, if you submit, I’d be more than happy to publish them, I am just really busy with my actual life in actual Paris (what even?! I keep telling myself it’s real, but I’m kind of dubious…) to make my own right now, though I might start again this weekend if I get all my midterm essays done. 

Also I have to keep a blog about Paris for a scholarship that I got, so it’d be awesome if you’d have a follow.

You’re all the best, and I am so sorry for being the crappiest admin ever!

 - Mels

killingevilshit said: Ha. I came back to see if you answered my question, and you responded with an All I ask of You quote...
Then it started playing on my iPod.

And, to the person who said their school did Phantom, mine did too. And I miss it, a lot. :(

Haha, synchronicityyy.

& yes… Show memories are stickier than other memories, it seems. A bit dearer, a bit crazier.  

skelegance-deactivated20111027 said: This is truly a WONDERFUL, and perhaps one of my favorite poto blogs! <3 I'm super obsessed with it. My only problem is, that I wish people would submit more! C'mon guys! Supposedly I should get to work on some more myself....but anyways, my question is, are we allowed to used lyrics for love never dies as well, or is this strictly for the original musical?

I know right! I did most of the other ones, but I am super-busy trying to get a job, getting things like passports, visas, housing together for living in Paris(!) next year… There are 140 of you. If half of ya submit, hipsterphantom is smooth sailing. :D DO IT, LOVELIES!

And yes, I think you can. I’m personally not a huge fan of Love Never Dies, but you can go for it. It is, after all, in the Phantom of the Opera canon. 

It&#8217;s over now, the music of the night.

It’s over now, the music of the night.

iridescentskylines said: This... is... the... most... amazing... blog... ever...!!!!

Our school is one of the few (and first) schools to ever do Phantom. It was beyond amazing. Actually, today is our two-month anniversary of the show we put on for the 8th graders. Tomorrow is the 2-month anniversary of opening night... I MISS IT SO MUCH WAAAHH. Be assured, I will check this blog aaalll the time :p

:D Awesome! Wow, I’d be really curious to see a school production of Phantom. Incredible.